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Tell us where you are

We’ll check your postcode and then show you what dishes are available for delivery in your area.


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We only feature the best chefs’ showcase dishes on our menu! All of our food is delivered chilled, no lukewarm deliveries here!


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Take the hassle out of mealtimes by scheduling your dishes up to a week in advance or order before 9pm the night before.


Heat Serve Eat

Once your friendly delivery server or courier has arrived, you’ll be able to heat your dishes following the chefs’ simple instructions.

All Of Our Dishes are prepared by talented Chefs and each has it's own story.

Take Chef Rohan's Chicken Jalfrezi Noodles...

Unknown to most, there's a Chinese influence on Indian cuisine that filters down from the mountainous northern borders where India meets China. In the culinary melting pot of Mumbai this influence can be seen in some of the fusion of cuisines served there. A popular dish is the Chinese styled noodles of Chow Mein, spiced up with Indian flavours of Garam Masala, chilli and ginger. On Deliverd, Chef Rohan of Street Food Kitchen Urban Choola brings his version of this popular but little known style of street food, a hot and spicy mixture of egg noodles, vegetables and chicken.

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Here at Deliverd we believe that time is a precious thing, and, whilst you might not be able to buy it, we can certainly save you time so you can focus on doing the things you really love in life!

That's why we launched our new Personal Chef service. Your Deliverd Personal Chef will take the hassle out of your mealtimes by learning all about your food preferences and lifestyle. Depending on what suits you best, your Personal Chef will then either arrange for your food to be delivered to you or simply alert you of what's on the menu - ensuring you get the best food and never ever miss another mealtime!

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Here’s what our lovely customers are saying about us this week…

George from Sheffield

“As a student looking for an easy/healthy way to fuel up post workout it was great and really tasty. It was everything I hoped for and I thought the flavour combinations went really well with each other.”

Sharon from Sheffield

“Absolutely fantastic - in my crazy, chaotic life your food is a source of joy to me. Jerk chicken was amazing. Just waiting on Richard to get home so we can have our turkey burgers.”

Will from Sheffield

“I train at Crossfit Sheffield 5 days a week. Fuelling each day is crucial, but finding great tasting, nutritious meals that don't break the bank is really hard. Deliverd meals tick all those boxes.”

Emma from Sheffield

“Yes I got them fine thank you and had one for my tea, ohhhhh my god it was AMAZING!!! I had to do everything to stop myself inhaling it! :) can't wait for the others.”